Horsemen information

Driver Changes & Scratch Time

  • Thursday on Tuesday @ 10:00 a.m.
  • Friday on Wednesday @ 10:00 a.m.
  • Saturday on Thursday @ 10:00 a.m.
  • Contact the judges at 201-460-4146

2021 Rules & Regulation

Racing Application

All horsemen looking to race at the Meadowlands during the
2022 season must complete a racing application.

View Racing Application

Trainers may contact the Meadowlands race office at
201-842-5130to check their application status.

Horsemen’s Bookkeeper

The following forms will need to be submitted to the bookkeeper.

Email Bookkeeper

1. New Account Form
2. New Direct Deposit Form (Foreign accounts will continue to get a check)
3. A New w9 or W8

Claim Paperwork

Racing Information

Lasix Information

The renovated Back Paddock, now with gates on the stalls, will serve as the receiving barn and include a Lasix Stall where the medication will be administered.
Issued by Dr. Barbara Greene/Jersey State Veterinarian:

  • All horses racing on task must report directly to the Back Paddock and will be treated with Lasix FOUR (4) hours prior to post time for their race
  • Each horse must have a representative bring the horse to the designated treatment stall and witness the Lasix administration.
  • Your horse will be scratched r late or if there is not a representative with the horse for treatment

Lasix Schedule

Order a Race Video
$30 for each DVD
Please include the following info on your message/email:
Contact name, phone number, email ad.., race date, race number, horse name

Request Race Video

For information or changes regarding scheduled stakes barn races, horsemen should call 201-842-5129. The recording will provide changes in reporting times or a cancellation of stakes barn races due to adverse weather conditions.

Gaming Restraints Notice Issued by the State of New Jersey Division of Gaming Posted at the New Meadowlands Racetrack, July 13, 2018

1.      Employee or Owner with a Casino Key Licensee: Any Casino Key licensee may not  wager in any casino, online, live racing or simulcasting  facility in New Jersey.

2.      Employee with a Casino license other than Key:  Any employee who is involved in gaming operations, including Cashiers, Security, Surveillance, Casino Accounting, or Marketing is prohibited from wagering inany affiliated casino, online, live racing or simulcasting facility.

3.      All employees of the New Meadowlands Racetrack LLC, Winners Bayonne OTW, ARK-Meadowlands, FanDuel, Betfair, or any contractor employee that works here at the New Meadowlands Racetrack by a contractor is NOT ALLOWED to make wagers on horse racing or sports here at the racetrack.

4.      Investors, Horse Owners, Horse Trainers, Drivers or Handlers:  You are prohibited from wagering in any affiliated casino, online, live racing and simulcast facility, provided you have more than 10% ownership or interest in a casino or racetrack.

5.      Registration of an employee of a sport’s governing body, who is not a prohibited sports pool participant  shall register with the Division prior to placing a sports pool wager otherwise significant fines could occur.

NJ Racing Commission